Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Annotated Bibliography of Linguistics Sources

The following represents an annotated bibliography of some sources I used not only to study for my grad school courses and exit exams in linguistics, but also continue to use in my courses as an assistant professor. These sources have been arranged by topic. I hope that you will be able to find some useful information here.

- - - Grammar - - -
Batko, Ann. When Bad Grammar Happens to Good People: How to Avoid Common Errors in English. Franklin Lakes, NJ: Career Press, 2004. Print.

Crystal, David. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language. 3rd ed. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2010. Print. This is quite an eclectic collection from one of the preeminent authorities on language study working today, full of color images and diagrams. A large and heavy tome, this serves as a wonderful introduction to many disparate facets of language analysis.

Kolln, Martha. Understanding English Grammar. 4th ed. New York: Macmillan, 1994. Print.

Lobeck, Anne, and Kristin Denham. Navigating English Grammr: A Guide to Analyzing Real Language. Malden, MA: Willey Blackwell, 2014. Print.

Morenberg, Max. Doing Grammar. 4th ed. New York: Oxford UP, 2010. Print.

Mulvey, Dan. Barron's E-Z Grammar. New York: Barron's Educational Series, 2009. Although it is not that thorough (it is admittedly targeted at a more causal reader), it still offers many useful examples of some of the most basic components of grammar.

LeTourneau, Mark. English Grammar. Fort Worth: Harcourt, 2001. Print. This is an excellent source on nearly all things grammar, probably the best I have come across. Although there are a few points here and there that both its previous owner (my own Half-blood Prince, anyone?) and I take issue with, it is nonetheless extremely thorough and accessible. I was fortunate to have received it from the previous linguistics professor at TSU just after he retired (as the book is now out of print). It seems as though there are still a few used copies available on Amazon: LeTourneau's English Grammar on Amazon.

Shaw, Harry. Errors in English and Ways to Correct Them. 4th ed. New York: HarperPerennial, 1993. Print.

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