Friday, April 10, 2015

Links to Reading, Writing, and Language Study Tools

The following represents an ongoing effort to provide an organized collection of useful links to Web pages that offer free reading, writing, and language study tools and information. While the primary target is my undergraduate students at Tennessee State University. obviously anyone who is working to develop stronger academic communication skills may find some benefit as well. I will update these links as often as possible. So, if you know of any useful link(s) that are not listed, please post a comment here or email me so that I can add the information here. NOTE: Of course, as is always the case with received information—even more so when it originates on the Interwebz—I am not vouching for each and every bit of knowledge presented in any of these links. I am claiming, nevertheless, that there is use to be found here (even of there are some errors as well).

Transition/Signal Words and Phrases

Academic Writing Phrase and Sentence Stems

Vocabulary Development

REFERENCE (Dictionaries, Thesauri, Etymologies)

English Language History

Grammar, Punctuation, other Language Mechanics

Rhetorical Figures, Principals, and Patterns

Literary Terms, Concepts, and Devices

MLA Formatting Style Guides

Proofreading Tips and Techniques

Learning and Studying Aids

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